To whom it may concern:

Thank you for your interest in the publishing work of MAREK BELZA.

In 2003, Krasna Lipa (Schoenlinde) began operating in Northern Bohemia, focusing on three specialized areas: 

LUSITANICA – Portugese books translated to the  Czech  language;
BAGATELA – Czech authors of poetry and prose;
IUSTITIA - focusing on extreme political cases during the post-communist era in the Czech Republic through Mr. Vladimir Hucin, MUDr. Yekta Uzunoglu, and JUDr. Jiri Setina.

It is hoped that these publications will contribute to Czech literature and civic responsibility.

We are especially interested in the defending the good name of JAN ANTONIN BATA, also known as the "King of Shoes."  During the communist's rise to power in 1947, Jan Bata was found guilty in a typical show trial from which his prperty was confiscated. Nearly sixty years later, in 2007, Jan Antonin Bata was retried in Prague and found innocent of all changes.  In addition, new information about Jan Bata was revealed whereby he helped hundreds of Jewish families to escape from the Nazis.  Other new information confirms that Jan Bata's contributions the the Allied war effort and the Czechoslovak government in exile were the largest f any Czechoslovak citizen.
Jan Antonin Bata was the younger brother of Tomas Bata. Tomas Bata had founded the original Bata company which was called T & A Bata.  When Jan purchased the firm from his brother after Tomas' untimely death in 1932, Jan completed the creation of Bata a.s. Zlin a shareholding company.  From the time that Jan purchased the business, it grew exponentially to more than one hundred thousand employees.  Jan built Bata factory towns all over the world that were interconnected financially with Zlin.  Bata's approach was capitalistic with social benefits and high pay for his employees.

Shortly after Jan's arrest by the Gestapo in late 1938, Jan began to plan his escape from Czechoslovakia.  In the Unites States of America, Jan's public neutral position on the war, the British began a propaganda campaign that resulted in the blacklisting of Jan Bata and the Bata organization, forcing Jan Bata to leave the United States for Brazil.  Brazil was still neutral.  In Brazil Jan Bata created many more Bata towns.  These towns were filled with European war refugees after the war.  Jan Bata was recognized for his generosity by Pope Pius XII several years after the war.

Jan Antonin Bata was an extraordinary man. He was a highly skilled businessman and lived an honest life.

Now that Jan Antonin Bata has been formally rehabilitated, many of his books, "treasures of Czech history" are being published for the benefit of the Czech and Slovak people.

We hope you to will enjoy reading about the great deeds of Jan Antonin Bata.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Marek Belza